Wednesday, July 9, 2014

First breeding today!

Sky has been bred to Benny and Sky's earliest due date is set for September 10. We are still accepting a few deposits for both males and females.

  • We hunt and test our dogs
  • We breed for hunt, temperament, health, and conformation. 
  • We socialize to the hilt, using both traditional and new methods. Ask for lots more detail.
  • We offer a full 5 year genetic health guarantee and are always always available to take a dog back or help rehome. Anytime. Any age. We LOVE our puppies and want them to be in the right homes.
  • We offer free started level training and guarantee our puppies will hunt when you work with us. And it's free! 
  • We are a phone call away for the life of your dog.

Contact us for details.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Litter Plans for fall 2014!

Keep watching for more details soon...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hunting Head Start Tips (1)

Hunting Head Starts


Your puppy is a versatile dog, bred to love retrieving, and retrieving is a very useful tool for helping your puppy burn some energy, learn to swim well, and a bit later, to reinforce “Whoa.”

There are many schools of thought about training puppies with retrieving. Some people say never tug with your puppy, or you will have a hard mouthed dog. Some say never let them chase a dummy, without a release command or you will have a breaker. Some say never let the puppy “own” the toy, always take it back and put it out of the puppy’s reach. Many wise and experienced trainers bring you these tips, so they certainly have information worth learning. That said, I think all of that is overdone for a puppy. Too many rules and too little fun. But there are many ways that work and I know those folks have trained some amazing dogs using those methods. Here is what works for me.

1) LOVE THE GAME – this is paramount to all else. You can add any number of rules to game and your dog will be happy to learn them if they love the game enough to do anything to get to play.

2) TO TUG or NOT TO TUG. When starting the retrieve work, I do let my puppies do some tugging. They have been playing with their littermates and chase and tug will be what they know and love. This gives you an edge, because they probably already like the tug game a little. You can use this to start teaching them “drop” or “give.” While they are this little you are stronger and you can always win. You can pry open their mouth by pressing your fingers behind the canines on pushing the gums into the mouth and pulling the top of the muzzle up gently. Take the toy out and say “Drop.” Every time you tug you should win, either they drop it on their own or you take it back. They can have this game, but you are teaching them that it is a game, not a power play. AND you are teaching this now, while they are little. That’s why I like to tug a little. Notice in my videos I sometimes use it to build drive. When puppies start to seem less interested I tease and tug to get them involved again.

3) NO ROOM FOR ERROR. Play this game in an enclosed area with no other interesting things to distract the puppy and no way out but to you. Start very small so just a few steps bring them to you. DRIVE comes before all else. Distance and distractions later.

4) SIT DOWN. Puppies know that a puppy or dog who wants to play is low to the ground. A puppy or dog standing tall might be threatening, so it might give your puppy pause if you are standing. Speak dog and get low.

5) CHASING IS A ONE WAY GAME. Never chase your dog when they have the toy, and try hard to avoid chasing them when they have something they shouldn’t. For the dog running off with your shoe, try to offer them something better and get them to trade. If they are running away with a toy, then you can be the runner. Turn away and try running a zig zag playfully away from them as if you have something fun that they will want. Hopefully they will chase you with their toy and you can call them to you, praise them and let them keep the toy while you hold them.

6) A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. Don’t expect your puppy to play this forever at first. 3-5 very short retrieves may be plenty. Use short little sessions but you can do them several times a day.

If possible, transfer your puppy to a puppy training dummy while you are in this indoor/floor stage if you plan to run NAVHDA Natural Ability.

You are ready to move on when your puppy does not want to quit, gets excited to see the puppy dummy, and you thing the hall or space is too small for how much they want to run. But for now, get this down to perfection.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Now that we are solidly into the HEAT of summer, we have put more work towards swimming. Taking a trip to the lake and swimming encourages the puppy to want to be with is. B&W girl (who just left for her new home last evening), Scout (Red boy), and green girl did the best with this.
"Where are we going?"

"It's just water little puppies, just a little further..."

Green girl contemplates deeper water...

The next day, after some bird work getting everyone hot and tired, we walked over to the nearest pond and tossed in a dead quail to entice them in. THIS was exciting! Scout was the bravest, going in after the bird every time. But then to my surprise, blue boy took the plunge, and repeatedly swam out to the bird. He couldn't quite get the swimming to work at the same time as the retrieving, but this was just a first time. He was also a speedy swimmer, faster by far than Scout. Green girl, Virginia (Red Girl), and Pink girl made some serious attempts and went fully into swimming depth water, but did not quite go out to the bird. Sadly I did not have my camera for this trip, since I knew I might have to wade into the mucky pond. No one panicks in the water, and everyone is using nice style when swimming, just need to get more confident. Given that everyone seems "cool as a cucumber" just cautious, I think they are all doing very well.

So now, we will put more attention to retrieving inside. And build the drive for this game, one at a time. Also adding in more whoa work for treats and food, and tracking on a food track.

After cooling down in the water and nice scratch in the grass...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little birdwork at 6am

As the days get hotter, we have to beat the sun. Early in the morning we take a few puppies out for some bird work. This morning there was only time for about 4 puppies before it started getting hot. Also the mountain mint (a wild growing perenial found in meadows here) is blooming and VERY strong smelling now. When I can smell it all around I know those puppies noses are probably getting that smell like the equivilent of being shouted at. Makes for a difficult time scenting much else. This evening we will change locations and make another run.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Conformation Critique

I will have pictures to go with these critiques uploaded soon.

Graded for us by professional show handler, Ashley Watkins.

A smaller compact puppy at this age.
Head: Balanced muzzle and skull lengths well proportioned, would like to see some more fill in the muzzle. Good ear length and well set on the head. Correct bite. (Correct now, prone to seem tight and then resolve as she grows, thus far - noted from breeder)  Well set eyes, not too light on color.
Front: Very nice front assembly, nice chest fill, and long feminine neck. Nice straight front legs, and tight compact feet. A very nice front for the breed.
Rear:Nice rear assembly, with very nice turn of stifle, hock a touch long, but may be age. Lower tail set with high tail carriage.
Body: correctly shorter coupled, not overly long with good loin, and good chest. Top line may be a bit arched.

Head: Very nice proportional skull and muzzle length, good muzzle fill, correct bite. Ears set a bit low giving impression of more length than needed.
Front: Nice shoulder lay back, and top assembly, a bit short in lower shoulder with respect to withers to shoulder blade length. Nice straight front legs, and good feet. Very nice long well placed neck.
Rear: Would like to see a bit more rear angulation, good high set but not over done tail set, tail usually very high field style.
Body: Nice short backed girl, with good loin length and good chest fill. Could be a bit deeper in chest. Very nice top line, and overall image.
A bit lighter in skin tone.
More of a classic "Field type" girl, but very showable

Head: Nice breadth of skull and muzzle, muzzle length a bit shorter than skull length, giving appearance of broader head.Correct ear set and length. Bite correct.
Front: Would like to see a bit more angulation in the front, and shoulders, to give the neck more length. Nice straight front legs good length, tight compact feet.
Rear: A bit straighter in stifle than Blue and Green , Tail set well, and carried nicely. Not as high as some field people prefer.
Nice rich color, dark eyes, and nice dark skin pigment.

Very well balanced, compact girl, a bit lighter in color but rich and with dark skin tones, and darker coat growing in
Head: Nice face, nice correct muzzle fill, feminine but not underdone, Skull length proportional to muzzle length, nice ear set and correct ear length. Nice dark eyes. Correct nice bite
Front: Nice front angulation, could stand a bit more lay back, but nice long neck and overall nicely agulated front. Front legs nice and straight, feet slightly less tight, but held well up. Perhaps affected by variations in growth at this age.
Rear: Best rear so far with nice turn of stifle, and nice angulation. Tail set well, with good carriage.
Body: Less short in back than blue, and nice top line when stacked.

Overall a bit boxy
Head: Nice dark well set eyes, correct ear set and length. Skull and muzzle length proportional, muzzle a bit over done and doggy.
Front: straight in front, lacking in angulation and chest fill.  Straight front legs and nice tight feet. Lovely long neck.
Rear: straight and boxy in rear, tail well set and carried.
Top line tending to level. Nice rich color and dark skin pigment.


Head: proportional muzzle and skull length, well set eyes and ears. Could stand more muzzle fill and breadth of skull. Correct well set bite. Nice expression.
Front: Striking long neck with head held high and proud. Shoulder lay back and placement are adequate. Front legs straight and feet nice.
Rear: nice rear angulation, hocks a bit long, at this age.
Long in body, but top line is very well held. Tail set very high, with equally high tail carriage.
A white factored GSP, with lighter skin pigment.

Head: Very nice masculine head, correct bite, ears set correctly and appropriately long, eyes well placed and dark.
Front: Nice lay back, could use a bit more chest, and a bit more angulation. Nice depth of chest. Straight front legs, standing lower on feet, but holding outer toes well in.
Rear: A bit long in stifle and tall in rear, top line holding together well, with nice downward slope.
Nice proportionate length of body and rib.

A very nice whole package, needs to mature into his potential
Head: Nice face well set very dark eyes, nice ears and well set, correct bite.
Front: Very nice shoulder and front assembly. Well angled, well nice lay back, Straight legs, tight little compact feet.
Rear: well angulated and proportioned. Hair less turn of stifle
Body: Nicely short coupled, good length of loin and rib.
A very nice deep rich liver color, striking.


Head: Nice head with good lengths and fill. Correct bite, nice ear and eye placement, pretty face. Correct bite.
Front: A bit straight in the top of shoulder, nice fore chest, front legs straight well placed, a bit low on feet but a fast growing large puppy.
A bit too long in loin, very nice top line, high well placed tail, with correct tail carriage.

A very nice whole package
Nice masculine head not over or under done, with correct bite, eyes, ears all very nice.
Well agulated front, good shoulder lay back, nice long neck. A bit long in upper arm, and though fur color holds dark color, skin pigment is less dark for his liver color.
Very nice rear and top line, perhaps the best whole package male puppy, with the exception of a poor looking tail dock. Tail set high and tail carriage is well matched.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Live birds!

Wow!  I am really pleased. The birds were extremely "flighty" which is good for the hunting but I had to pull the primary feathers on one wing to keep them down long enough for the puppies to see. But once the puppies discovered them the chase was on. Several of the liver puppies fell right into pointing. Red girl followed shortly, after some chasing. Green girl and blue girl and blue boy were unstoppable in trying to out compete the others. They caught and carried the birds all over the yard. Staying just ahead of the big guys most of the time. They ALL became very quickly obsessed. Red girl and Geen girl tracked the running birds for 10-15 yards through some very thick and tall grass much taller than the puppies.